We provide the option to personalise, add a name and/or number, to some of the clothing we sell on the website. Not all of the items can be printed on due to the material they are made from but we do try and make as many available as possible. Below is a list of items that relate to this process:

  • The process of adding the name and number uses Heatpress Vinyl
  • Adding a name and number will delay the time it takes for the item of clothing to be despatched. This can vary depending on the number of customers requiring this service at that time. If you need the item by a specific date please contact us first to confirm it can be done
  • Once the item has been personalised it cannot be exchanged or refunded, unless the item has a fault in its production
  • As part of the process, we will send you two confirmations by email. Please ensure you provide the correct email address. Please also check your junk/spam mail in case the confirmations are there
  • The first confirmation is to ensure that the layout is as you expected it to be, the spelling of the name is correct etc. This is done via a digital mockup
  • The second confirmation is to ensure that the colour and actual layout, using the actual vinyl, is correct and as you expected it to be. If you require any changes to the second confirmation there will be an additional charge incurred for the cost of the vinyl
  • Please ensure that the size of the item is correct before proving the second confirmation. Contact us to make sure that the sizing is correct as every item can vary in size depending who the manufacture of the item is
  • Once we have received your confirmations via email, and the item has been fully paid for, it will then be heat-pressed and dispatched accordingly
  • If the item is to be paid for and collected at the warehouse the item will be heat-pressed once we have received full payment

The process above may seem long and excessive but we have learned that it is is important to make sure everything is 100% correct before we heat press the item. Once it is heat-pressed it cannot be changed.

Any questions please contact us